How do I use the "Groups" option for contacts?

Access the Groups Section

1) Go to and log in to your account.

2) Click on Contacts in the left menu and click on the Groups sub-option.

3) You will see a list of groups you may use to organize your contacts.

Add or Remove a Contact to/from an Existing Group

1) To add a contact to an existing group, click on the group name.

2) To the right of the group list, click on the Add Contacts button.

3) Check the boxes for the contacts you wish to add and click the Add Contacts button.

4) Click the Save Changes button after adding your desired contacts.

5) To remove contacts from a group, check the boxes for the contacts to be removed and click the Remove Contact(s) from Group button.

6) Select Yes when the question box appears.

7) Click the Save Changes button after removing your desired contacts.

Create a New Group

1) If you don't see the group you need in the existing list, click the Add Group button to create a new group.

2) Enter the group name and click the Save button.

3) Your group will now appear in the list with the others and is ready to be used.

Delete a Group

1) You may delete any group (default or created) by clicking the trash can icon next to the group name.

2) Click Yes when the question box appears.

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