Use the search bar on the homepage to search for a variety of criteria, including city, state, zip, street address and MLS #.  The appropriate options will appear below the search bar while typing.  Select the desired option to start your search.

On the search page, you will see a map on the left and a list of properties on the right.  Click on any of the properties in the list to see more information on that property.

You may click the For Sale button in the search menu to select additional property types, or to select options for rentals and sold properties.  You may also click the other buttons (Price, Beds & Baths, etc.) to add additional search criteria.

Click the + button on the map to zoom in if desired.   To move the map around, click anywhere on the map and hold down the mouse button while moving the mouse.

Properties that meet the search criteria are represented by a red dot. 

To see more information about a property that meets the search criteria, hover your mouse over the red dot.  You see a photo and basic information.  Click on the property photo to see more information about that property.


On the Property Detail Page, you will find a wealth of information for that property, such as listing details, price history, tax history, school information and more.  You will see options to save a property (this will require creating an account), share the property (on Facebook or Twitter), complete a contact form, or schedule a tour.  You may click on the arrows to open a full screen Property Detail Page in a new tab.  To close the property and continue your search, click the X.