How do I create an Action Plan?

Action Plans allow you to set up drip email campaigns to send to your clients.  Below you will find the steps to get started.

1) Go to and log in to your account.


2) Click on Marketing in the left menu and select the Action Plan Manager sub-option.

3) If any Action Plans already exist, you will see those listed.  To create a new one, click the Create New Action Plan button.

4)  You will be asked to choose the type of Action Plan you wish to create:

  • Day Interval - Each letter will be sent a specified number of days after the campaign starts.  For example, you may set up the first letter to send on Day 0 (the day your contact is assigned to the plan) and the second letter on Day 7 (seven days after your contact is assigned to the plan).
  • Calendar Driven - Each letter will be send on a specific calendar day.  For example, you may set up a Holiday campaign in which you send a letter on July 4, a letter the day before Thanksgiving, etc. 
  • Recurring - Best if you wish to send the same latter periodically (example: every 30 days).

5) Enter a name for your plan and click Save.

6) Now that your have saved your Action Plan, you will need to add each email (referred to in the system as an "activity") that will need to be send as part of the plan.  Click the Add Email Activity button to get started.

7) After clicking the button, you will see two options (select an existing activity or create a new activity form scratch).

8) If you are adding an existing activity, click the Select link for the desired activity and click the Add button to add it to your Action Plan.

9) If you are creating an activity from scratch, start by entering an activity title and the subject line recipients will see when the email arrives in their inbox.

10) Begin typing your message using the editor.  The editor includes a Tokens menu you may use to insert information stored in the database, such as the recipient's first name.

11) Once you have finished entering your message, click Save.

12) You will now see the activity listed in the Action Plan.  You may edit the "Days" field (if creating an event driven plan) or the "Date" field (if creating a calendar driven plan).  For event driven plans, if you would like for the first letter to be sent on the day the plan is assigned to a contact, leave it as zero.  If you add additional activities to an event driven plan, use the "Days" field to specify how many days after the plan is assigned each letter should be sent.  For example, if you want the second activity to be sent three days after the plan is assigned to a contact, you will enter "3" in the "Days" field.

13) Once you have finished adding your activities, click Save to save your plan.

14) Your Action Plan will now appear in the list when you visit the Action Plan Manager.

15) The easiest way to add recipients to your plan is to go into the plan and click the Add Recipients button.

16) Check the boxes for the contacts you wish to add to the plan and click Save.

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