How do I share my HomeScout website?

To share your HomeScout website with your clients, all you need is the site's URL (web address). When you log in to your dashboard and go to the Launchpad, you will find the URL for your individual site, as well as any cobrand sites (if applicable), under the Consumer Direct Links heading.

Most web browsers will allow you to right click on your URL and copy the URL to paste elsewhere (an email, a Word document, etc.)

On a phone, holding your finger on the URL should present the option to copy the link.

You may use your HomeScout website URL to share the HomeScout experience in a variety of ways, including:

  • Email or text the URL to your contacts (see below for an example message).
  • Include the URL in your email signature.
  • Include the URL on any printed materials (business cards, flyers, etc.) you produce.
  • Update your voicemail message to include a statement such as, "While you are awaiting my call, please feel free to visit my website at...."

Example Message

Below you will find the link for my HomeScout Pro home search site:

[Your URL Here]

Search like a real estate professional in your own private, MLS data driven home search!

For the best results, create your own personalized Home Shop Account by clicking on the "Login" button in the upper right hand corner, then clicking the "Register" button you see in the login window. Doing so will allow you to save properties and searches, while making it easier for me to communicate with you.

Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have.

[Your Signature]

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