How do I send an email to my contacts using the HomeScout Dash?

Step 1 – Log in to your account at


Step 2 – Click on Email in the left menu, then click on the Quick Email sub-option.



Step 3 – On the Quick Email screen, click to To button.



Step 4 – If you wish to send the email to all contacts, check the box in the header column.  You also have the option of checking individual contacts if you wish to only send the email to certain contacts.



Step 5 – Enter the subject of the email.



Step 6 – Enter the content of your email.  The editor contains a Tokens drop down menu you may use to insert items stored in the database, such as the recipient’s first name.  You may create a message from scratch or copy a message you have prepared elsewhere and paste it into the editor.

NOTE: If you wish to also add images to your email, please see the additional instructions at the bottom of the page.



Step 7 – When your message is ready to send, click the Send button.



Step 1- Click on the Image Manager icon in the editor.



Step 2 – In the Image Manager, click on the Upload button.



Step 3 – There are multiple slots in case you want to upload multiple images at once.  Click the Select button for one of the slots.



Step 4 – Find the image on your computer you wish to upload and click on it.



Step 5 – You will see the file name populate in the slot.  Click the Upload button to upload the file.



Step 6 – Once the file is uploaded, you will be able to see it in the Image Manager.  Select the image and click the Properties tab.



Step 7 – Make any necessary adjustments to the image properties.



Step 8 – When you ready to insert the image into the email, click the Insert button.



Your image will appear in the editor.






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