How do I configure my online ShareCard after activating my account?

When you first log in to your ShareCard account on your computer, you will see the default set up.

Click on the ShareCard option in the left menu to begin your set up process.

The next screen is where you will be able to customize your ShareCard.  You will see a preview of your card on the right.  Your photo, logo and basic information may already be populated.

To update your ShareCard to feature your brand colors, you may click on Primary Color, Button Color or Logo Color and make the necessary adjustments using the color interface.  There is also a field in which to enter the appropriate Hex code if you have your brand guidelines handy.

You also have the ability to customize the background image that appears on your card if you wish to do so.

To update the background image, first click on the Image tab in the color customization area.

Click the plus icon to upload your new background image.

The next thing you may want to do is review your information and make any necessary adjustments.

In the About Me area, you may either type your information in the editor, or check the box to add a link to already-existing information, such as the About Me page on your website.

The Compliance area works the same way as the About Me area.

When you are finished updating the Design & Contact Information section, you may click on the arrow in the upper right corner to close that section and more easily see the other sections.

Once you have closed a section, you may click on the arrows to open any of the other sections.  After making changes in any section, be sure to click the Save button.

In the Social Media section, you may click on any of the social media icons to add a link to your page.

After clicking on a social icon, you will see a field in which to enter the URL.

The Custom Buttons section allows you to add additional buttons to your card and link them to the corresponding websites.  You should already have a Home Search button.  To add another button, click Add.

For example. you may want to add your Apply Now link.  You are also able to change the color of any existing button or a button you add.  You may add as many buttons as you wish.

The Sharing Is Caring section is important because it allows you to set up how you will share your cards with current or potential clients.  The first thing you will want to do is enter your Mobile ID, which is the code people will text to 88500 to receive your card.  Click the magnifying glass icon next to where you enter the code to make sure that code is not already taken.

You may choose how you are alerted (text, email or both) when someone uses your code.

You may also choose if the text message someone receives with your ShareCard info will come from your mobile number, or from 88500.  Using your mobile number is recommended, because it creates an immediate text dialogue between you and your prospect, and the prospect will be able to directly respond to you.

The QR code you see offers another way to share your card with others.  You may click on the copy icon to copy it and paste it into an email, document, etc.  Alternatively, you may click on the disc icon to save an image file containing the QR code to your computer.

The Loading Screen section allows you to choose the image people will see after clicking the link to view your ShareCard.  Click the plus icon to upload an image.

Again, after making changes in any of the sections (Design & Contact Information, Social Media, Custom Buttons, Sharing is Caring and Loading Screen), be sure to click the Save button when finished.

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