What is ShareCard?

ShareCard is a contact-less, digital representation of your business card that helps you keep pace with a dramatically changing world. Whether you are meeting someone on a Zoom call or in person, ShareCard provides a means to quickly get yourself added to your prospect's contact list by engaging with the prospect in one of three ways:


As you set up your ShareCard, you will create a code that prospects may text to 88500 to receive your information.  In addition, you may send a text to a prospect using the Send option on your digital ShareCard.   


You will receive a physical NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled card to use as you interact with your prospects in person.  Tapping the prospect's phone with your card will quickly transfer your contact information.  You will also receive an NFC enabled tag to attach to your phone. 


ShareCard allows you to create a custom QR code for prospects to scan.  When you have your digital card open on your phone, tapping your photo will cause the code to appear on your screen.  When you are logged in to your ShareCard account, you may copy the code to paste in an email, document, etc. Alternatively, you may save the image file to your computer and send it to a vendor to use when creating printed materials. 


 For more information on ShareCard, please be sure to check out our other articles.


Your digital ShareCard will include a link to your home search by default.  You will also have the ability to add links (such as Apply Now) and customize your card (color, logo, etc.) during the set up process.

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