How do I activate my physical ShareCard once I receive it?

IMPORTANT - If you have not already set up your ShareCard account with your login and password, you will need to do so in order to complete the physical card activation process.  When you reach the login step as noted in the instructions below, please click on the Need Help Click Here link to gain access to your account.

You may also access and activate your account by going to and clicking the Forgot Password link.  

Once you have access to your account and have completed your physical card activation, refer to the How Do I Set Up ShareCard? article for more information on setting up and customizing your online card.

The message on the package you receive will read "Activate me now! Simply tap your ShareCard to activate both your ShareCard and tag."

Tap the card in the corresponding position on your phone.  

You will see the log in page below, in which you will enter your credentials.

Upon logging in, touch the green Accept button at the top of your phone screen to activate your physical ShareCard kit.

You will see a confirmation that your card is activated.

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