I'm receiving emails every time a contact has updated activity, but I don't want to. How do I turn them off?

A default message rule is set up to notify you when you have a new lead.  If you are also receiving "updated lead" emails, another default message rule is also set up.  If you do not wish to receive the "updated lead" emails, you may turn off that default rule using the following steps:

1) Click on Contacts in the left menu and click on the Lead Rules sub-option.

2) Click on the Routing Rules tab.

3) You are able to set up routing rules for both Action Plan Manager and Notification Manager.  Use the drop-down menu to switch to the Notification Manager option.

4)  You should see the default rule that is set up for lead notifications.  Use the other drop-down menu to switch to the Updated Activity option.

5) Click the x to remove the rule.  It will not be necessary to click the Save button afterwards.

If you later decide you would like to turn this rule back on, refer to this article.

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