How do I get started with the dash?

Main Dashboard / Working with Leads

When you first log in to the dash, you will see the main Dashboard, which will give you a snapshot of various activities including saved properties, property views and inquiries.


The date range defaults to the past 30 days.  You may update the date range to see additional activity.

You will find charts for Leads Over Time and Lead Activities (inquiries, property views, property saves and showing requests).

You may find the Last 7 Day Active widget especially useful, as that allows you to see who has been active on the website.

If you would like to see more information on any lead found in the Last 7 Day Active section, you may click on the lead name to see the lead record.  The Details tab within the lead record provides an activity snapshot as well as statistics that will help identify the types of properties that interest the user.  You will also see contact details as well as a list of team members associated with the lead (if applicable).


If you engage with the lead, we recommend adding a note to record the activity for yourself and any team members with whom you may be working. You will also be able to see any notes entered by others.

Clicking on the Actions button in the upper right corner will give you options to update the lead, delete the lead or create campaigns (Home Value Alerts or Market Area Alerts).

The Properties tab will show the properties saved by the lead.

The Campaigns tab will show if the lead is set up to receive Home Value Alerts or Market Area Alerts.

User Account Settings

As you get started with the dash, you may also want to check out your user account settings by clicking on the Account option in the left column.

Upon accessing the settings, you will default to the General tab containing your basic info.  You may update your name if necessary and click the Save button to save the change.

If you would like to invite others to work with you in a team capacity (for example, an LO might invite an agent), you may switch to the Teams tab and enter email addresses to send invites.

The Notifications tab gives you control of how you are notified of activity.  You may choose to be receive email notifications, SMS notifications (text messages) or Portal notifications (a notification that pops up on your screen while using the dash).  In addition, you may toggle the activities for which you want to receive (or not receive) notifications.  If you have Portal notifications activated, you will see notifications pop up at the bottom of your screen as activity takes place.

The Security tab allows you to reset your password, turn on multi-factor authentication or review your login history.

Now that you are starting to become more familiar with the dash, be sure to check out our other FAQs to learn more.

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