When you first log in, you will default to the Launchpad.

 You will find multiple icons in the top right corner of the screen.

 The search icon provides a means to quickly search your dashboard for leads. 



The sun/moon icon allows you to switch between light and dark mode.

 Clicking the bell icon will display important notifications related to your leads.


 Clicking on your photo (or profile icon if no photo is present) will present the option to log out.


The top portion of the Launchpad displays our support information in the event you need to ask a question or report an issue.

The Consumer Direct Links section will display the URL for your personal HomeScout site, and the URLs for any cobrand sites you have with your partners.




The bottom portion of the Launchpad features links to additional HomeScout tools and services.

Finally, the left menu provides access to additional sections, all of which will be covered in more detail as you continue to read through this manual.

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