Viewing Lead Information / Individual Lead Record

Once you have set all lead parameters to your liking, you may want more information about one or more of the leads you see listed.   Each lead in the list features three options in the Action column on the far right.

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Open a drawer to view essential information about the lead.



Delete the lead.



View the lead record.



When using the drawer option, the information will appear on the right side of your screen. You will see the lead contact information and recent activities.

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In addition to clicking the arrow icon to view a lead record, you may also click on the lead name.

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The lead record includes multiple tabs, the first of which is the Details tab.

The first row of statistics will help to establish what the lead desires in a home.  The second row will let you know how active that person has been on the site in terms of inquiries, searches, property view and saved properties.


The Recent Activity section includes information such as saved properties, viewed properties and saved search parameters.

If you continue you scroll, you will see a field in which you may add your own notes to the lead.  Click the paperclip icon to attach a file to the note.  Click the blue button to save the note. 

If your lead is engaged with our Call Center, those communications will be logged in the notes area.

The right column of the lead details tab will display basic lead information, which you may edit if needed.  You will also be able to tell if the lead is assigned to you or assigned to another user (if applicable).  


The Inquiries tab records any form submissions completed by the lead and identifies the submission type. 

The Properties tab lists all property view and property saves associated with the lead.

The Requests tab will inform you if the lead has requested an in-person tour for one or more properties.

The Searches tab lists any saved searches the lead has created.



The Campaigns tab provides statistics for any email campaigns the lead is receiving.

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