To create a campaign for a lead, access the lead and click the Action button in the upper right corner of the screen.  Select the Create Campaign option.

When the Create Campaign box appears, you will first choose if you would like your lead to receive a Home Value Alert (an emailed report on the value of a specific property) or Market Area Alert (an emailed report stating the market conditions for a zip code or city).

The Frequency menu lets you select how often your lead should receive the report.

Your next step will be to type the desired location in the Location field.  If you are setting up a Home Value Alert, you will enter a specific address.   If you are setting up a Market Area Alert, you will enter a zip code or city.  You will see options appear as you type.  Select the appropriate option.

The location you select will appear in the Final Address field.  Click the Submit button to save your campaign.


Saving a campaign will add a Campaigns tab to the lead record if one does not exist already.  The tab includes an overview of how many campaigns have been delivered (arrived in the recipient’s Inbox), opened, and sent.

 For each campaign, you may view how many emails have been delivered and opened.

The Action column contains options for managing your campaigns.  Use the x icon to delete a campaign or use the pencil icon to edit the campaign parameters.

The third icon in the Action column is an Events icon.

Clicking that icon will open a drawer with information on exactly when emails were sent or delivered.