The Dashboard page contains some aggregated information on your clients who are enrolled in the app

  1. Total Records - Recent activity (last login)
  2. Credit - Groupings of clients by credit score (601-660, etc.)
  3. Data and Document Shares – if any of your consumers have shared Data and/or document through the ‘Lender Connect’ feature in the app, you will see that on the home page - More Info.

If you click View More in the Total Records section, you will be directed to the Lockers page where you can see what a consumer has enrolled in their locker (credit enrollment status, accounts, budgets, etc.)

If a consumer agrees to additional data sharing at registration, you can also see:

  • Their current credit score band (within a 10 point range. i.e. 640-649, 650-659, etc.).
  • The credit score band from the previous month.
  • The property value.
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