Your clients will be able to take advantage of the following features when using Vida:

Credit Monitoring
Clients may enroll to keep track of their credit score, see which factors (payment history, credit utilization, etc.) are impacting their credit, request a credit report, freeze credit (with TransUnion, Experian or Equifax), and view the reported accounts (such as auto loans, mortgages or credit cards) that affect their score.  

Add / Track Financial Accounts
Your clients may also add accounts they have with various financial institutions. As more accounts are enrolled, they will have access to a spending analysis so they get a better idea of where their money is going. They will also be able to see their cash flow as well as their total net worth.

Enroll Property / Track Home Value
If your clients own a home, they may enroll their property and see the home value, which is updated every 30 days. In addition, they will have the option to link their mortgage to the property, which will allow them to view the estimated equity.

HomeScout Search
And of course, Vida allows your clients to access your HomeScout search in order to search for homes.

Additional Features
  • Budgets and Goals - Clients may set budgets and monitor how much they spend in categories such as eating out, utilities or goods/merchandise.  They may also set goals to save up for large purchases or a down payment on a home.  
  • Quick mortgage readiness assessment.
  • A more in-depth readiness assessment called My Homeownership Snapshot, which will let them know where they stand in areas such as cash to close, income, credit and monthly debt.
  • Lender Connect - when your clients are ready to shop for a mortgage, they may use this feature to let you know the type of loan they desire and upload documents (such as pay stubs or tax returns) to share with you.
  • Educational videos and articles to help your clients become more knowledgeable about the mortgage process.