Access Information Shared Via Lender Connect

If your client uses the Lender Connect option in the Vida app to share loan-related information and documents with you, you will find that information listed within the Shared Information tile on the dashboard.

If you click to access that shared information, you will see the clients assets and liabilities, as well any pay statements, tax documents and other documents they uploaded.  You will also be able to download a Fannie Mae 3.2 file, a MISMO 2.3.1 file and/or a MISMO 3.4 file for the purposes of importing information into your LOS.

View Lockers

Clicking on the Locker icon in the left menu will take you to Lockers section.  Clients who have consented to share additional data will have their email addresses listed.  If a client has not yet consented to share data, you will a Data sharing not enabled message in the email address column.  

For any client in the list, you may click the green arrow icon on the right to expand that client's record, which will allow you to see if they have taken actions such as enrolling credit or completing a readiness assessment. If your client has set up credit and enrolled their property, you will also be able to see a credit score range and their property's value.