March 20, 2013

HomeScout Weekly Platform Update

The HomeScout Development Team implemented the following updates and bug fixes during the week of March 13, 2023.

HomeScout Updates

Activities Section Updates

The Activities section has always offered a means to only view certain types of leads.  When you click on the Activities option in the menu, you are presented with the following sub-options: Inquiries, Requests, Saved Searches, and the newly added Properties sub-option, which will allow you to see which leads have viewed or saved properties.    

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We have updated each sub-option to more clearly show you which leads are responsible for the most activity. For example, if you click on the Inquiries sub-option, you will see which leads have generated the most inquiries in the Count column.

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For any lead, you may click the arrow icon in the Action column to see a list of what is being counted.

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Dashboard Section Updates

As with the Activities section, we have made updates to the Dashboard section that will help you determine which leads are generating the most activity. 

For the selected date range, the dashboard will now show you which of your leads have the most saved searches, most saved properties, most inquiries and most tour requests. 


Individual Lead Record – New Information for Campaigns

When viewing the Campaigns tab within an individual lead record, you are now able to see the status of the campaign, as well as the date of the last email sent. 

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