March 27, 2013

HomeScout Weekly Platform Update

The HomeScout Development Team implemented the following updates and bug fixes during the week of March 20, 2023.

HomeScout Updates

Default Notification Settings Update

The notifications listed below are now turned on by default for all new users and for existing users who have not previously customized their notification settings.

NOTE – Applies to email alerts and to alerts that pop up when logged into the dashboard. 



AVM Claim

Homeowner claims property / registers.

Buyer Lead

New buyer lead registration.

Buying Tips

Lead generated via the Buying Tips form.

Agent Direct

Lead generated via Contact Agent form.

Selling Tips

Lead generated via Selling Tips form.

AVM Seller

Lead generated via I Want to Sell form.

Loan Request

Lead generated via Loan Request inquiry.

Tour Schedule

Lead requests to view a property.

Mortgage Calculator

Lead interacts with the mortgage calculator.

Property Inquiry

Lead completes inquiry form for a property.

Saved Property

Lead has saved a new property.

Lead Callback

Lead requests a call back.

Lead Created

A new lead is created.


You may customize your notification settings as you see fit by clicking on Account in the left menu and clicking on the Notifications tab.


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