November 20, 2023

HomeScout Weekly Platform Update

HomeScout implemented the following updates and bug fixes during the week of November 13, 2023.

HomeScout Updates

Lead/Campaign Import Process – Skip Integrations

PLEASE NOTE: HomeScout is happy to assist you with your importing needs. Please feel free to reach out to HomeScout Support at 888-774-6386 or should you need assistance to import a file.

Certain HomeScout users may have integrations in place. For example, a user may have an integration active that will send leads from the HomeScout Dashboard to our concierge service, which will contact and attempt to qualify the lead. 

HomeScout users who use the lead and/or campaign import process may now include a “Skip Integrations” column in the file they upload.

Users may indicate one of two values in the “Skip Integrations” column:

TRUE – Ignore integration(s) when importing. (Example: “No, I do not want this lead sent to the concierge service to be contacted. This lead is from my friends and family list.”)

FALSE – Apply integration(s) when importing. (Example: “Yes, I want this lead sent to the concierge service to be contacted.”) 


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