HomeScout Platform Update

HomeScout implemented the following updates and bug fixes the week of January 22, 2024.

HomeScout Updates

HomeScout Dashboard – Assign and Track Stages for Leads

In the Leads section of the HomeScout dashboard, users will find a new Stage filtering option.



When viewing an individual lead, LOs or Agents will see the current stage just below the lead’s name.


Users may click on the stage to reveal all stage options and select the stage that applies to the lead.  Click OK to save changes.


After saving the changes, users will see the updated stage below the lead name.


Upon returning to the Leads section, users may use the new filters to only see leads that are assigned to a specific stage.


In addition, users may visit the Dashboard section to access a new Stage reporting module and see how many leads are in each stage for the currently-selected date range.


Clicking on a header will allow users to view the lead(s) with that stage assigned.

Finally, users may select the Stage Changes option under Activities in the left menu to see which leads within a particular date range have had the stage changed, and how many times the stage has been changed.

Clicking the Arrow icon in the Action column will display a history of the stage changes.

Users will also be able to view stage changes in the Recent Activity section of the individual lead record.